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  20. This is extreme, tyrannical paranoia at its finest! That’s why I started a series on conspiracy theories that turned out to be true called Cass Sunstein’s Conspiracy Theory! Gets good google hits. I wonder if Cass has visited yet?

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  27. Kia ora Bob, Gollum's pointing out of Halberstam's book on Vietnam is very important. It was not till I read his book that I finally connected so many dots. And I was a history major! And also in the importance of those Aotearoa mountains,forests, and rivers to dream about. May you both have the aroma of the mountain beech upon you soon.Cheers,Robb

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  33. . The 34-year-old performer — who has spent the summer opening for star rock bands Maroon 5 and Train — had been drinking and just left a group of pals when he was attacked by the marauding goons sometime between 3:50 and 4:20 a.m. at Sixth Street and First Avenue, the sources said.

  34. Raw interviews don’t do jack for accurately diagnosing a neurological condition where the brain is structured and acts differently. It’s like diagnosing someone is alert and aware through a television screen, like Bill Frist did with Terri Schiavo.Which neurologist did she consult? Who did the MRI scans? Who was the cognitive scientist who diagnosed her and what testing regime did they use?She hasn’t talked about that, and that leads me to believe she self-diagnosed her Asperger Syndrome.

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  69. Yet, by opposing Germany and denying it Westphalian parity, Britain made Germany hateful and paranoid, for Germans saw themselves being treated as an inferior in a world system in which it was not just formally an equal, but economically and militarily an equal. Thus the harder Britain worked to deny Germany equality, the less deserving of that equality Germany became.Substitute "China" for "Germany" and "USA" for "Britain" and you have the problem of the next two decades in a nutshell.

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  93. I can only endorse the thrust of the commentary here on the demise of the Democrats. While they were, for the most part, really worthy and well-intended, it really was unclear what a vote for them meant in practice.As to the One Nation crowd, their imminent demise of this bunch of ignorant reactionary xenophobic tabloid populist nutbags is something to greet with relief.

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  106. Juandos, I'm sorry, I thought that was covered in the link I gave. I realize, now, that it wasn't. I have to run out, now, and do some "honey-do's," so I won't be able to go find it. I remember, a few months ago, when I read the first article on this poll that it included those numbers. I was struck that, although wait times had increased a bit, they hadn't increased bery much, and the same applied to Doctors taking new patients. I'll try to find it when I get back. Cheers.

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